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   Our trademarks are:
       Youth clothes LET'S GO
       OSIS clothes
       Kids clothes KIKI

On the photos placed here you can see some of our projects. The spectrum of our work is very wide, below we show only the examples:


polo shirts


hats and peaks


gadgets                                                               polars

We co-operate with such clients as: ERA, Arla, Bartex, Vinpol.
We create also complex clothing collections for each of the brands.
The prices are calculated individually for each costumer.

We are a young, very supply working team, that has one goal-
-to help You in realizations related to the promotion of your company.

We look forward to co-operation proposals so do not hesitate to contact us!

galla sp. j.  ul. wedmanowej 6a, 93-228 Łódź,   tel. +48 42 649 22 01/02,   fax. +48 42 649 22 03,   e-mail:
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