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   Our trademarks are:
       Youth clothes LET'S GO
       OSIS clothes
       Kids clothes KIKI

Galla is a polish company of over a nine year history.
During past years it has turned from a small firm into a strong clothing company hiring over 70 people.

We work on three independent planes which are:

Own brands:Let's Go, Kiki, Osis, Galla available in warehouses and shops across Poland

Collections created for: Auchan CARREFOUR, Geant, Kaufland, Tesco, Galeria Centrum.

Collections designed for promotion and advertising needs:
Era, Arla, Bartex, Vinpol.

Our experience and knowledge combined with latest technological and material possibilities, enables us to belive that we are capable of creating collections, which can fullfil the needs of even most demanding customers.

Our products are sewed from best polish hosieries and from materials imported mainly from EU countries.

Our own design department during the year creates collections for seasons spring-summer, autumn-winter and a collection for New Year's Eve.

We invite to co-operation!

galla sp. j.  ul. wedmanowej 6a, 93-228 Łódź,   tel. +48 42 649 22 01/02,   fax. +48 42 649 22 03,   e-mail:
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